The New Project on 2015

We were practicing a cultural diplomacy in three countries of Balkan. A Moldova, Rumania and also in Bulgaria at about 2 months.

We were presenting the Great Indonesian Civilisation, Foreign Policy, The Pancasila, Economic development and Multiculturalism. We supported by The Ministry of Education and Culture of RI, the Embassy of RI in Sofia, Bulgaria and also the Embassy of RI in Bucharest.

NBU Workshop01

We as a keynote speaker in international seminar, like in University of Ruse, we were doing workshop and wayang performance in New Bulgarian University, also making workshop in National Academy of Theater and Film Art (NATFIZ) in Sofia.

We are also becoming the keynote speaker in Sofia University for Indonesian civilisation and the Great tradition of Wayang.

This event held in October 2015-December 10, 2015


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Prof. Dr. Andrik Purwasito, DEA

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