The students of international relations for the premiere class 2012

International relations department, Faculty of Social and Political Science – UNS  applying of CBC (curriculum based on competence),  and developed in multidisciplinary and inter-disciplinary, with two main concentrations: Firstly, INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION and INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS (especially with the countries of Southeast Asia, East Asia and the Middle East). Secondly, DIPLOMACY AND NEGOTIATION (especially public diplomacy, negotiation, communication and conflict resolution).
Education and teaching are directed to establish an international level of human resources, to strengthen the personality, to improve the intelligent, faithful and taqwa,  independent work ethic, based on local genius to achieve the ideals of the nation and Indonesian country that is safe, fair and prosperous inner and physically.
To achieve this, International Relations department distributed in some basic courses, skills courses and courses specialized skills, which has covered all academic activities, such as the habit of critical thinking and the logic way, objective and proportionate so that students have the supplies to conduct both as an international academic research and community service in various regions of the world, and responsive in dealing with international issues, both regionally and globally.

The Head of Department, The Lecturers and the Students of International Relations Department, the Premiere Class, 2012

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