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Prof. Andrik Purwasito, D.E.A., Head of the Department
Prof. Andrik Purwasito, D.E.A., Head of the Department


Increasing complexity of international relations today requires more and more experts in the field of international relations in a variety of jobs.


Generate a scientist in international relations:  intelligent, professional, independent and highly competitive in the global scene.


(1) Providing education and teaching in international relations and able to produce graduates who are intelligent, professional, independent and globally competitive,

(2) Provide sufficient knowledge, skills, professionalism in the face of rivalry in the global marketplace,

(3) Conduct studies and research in the field of International Relations science

(4) Facilitate student of International Relations to develop as a human being:  active, creative, innovative, responsive and productive,

(5) Perform community service through a variety of science applications of International Relations, diplomacy, cooperation partnerships to increase the added value in society.


Business, Treaty and International Cooperation:

Skills in analyzing, formulating, and offer solutions to problems of international relations and cooperation; build and develop a network of international relations and cooperation; study in decision-making in international organization, including laws, rules, and techniques of negotiations and agreements.

Social and Cultural Diplomacy and International Communication

Ability to negotiate and making the best agreements with other nations, both bilateral and multilateral and international forums with an emphasis on ‘preventive diplomacy’ and ‘cultural diplomacy’ by doing through ‘first track diplomacy’ to the ‘second track diplomacy ‘with other nations in the world.


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